Have you ever thought that we can study through playing games and study in an interesting way instead of a routine way??

It’s not even a thought now with GMind. 

Memorising, not applying for theoretical knowledge, lack of communication among parents, students and teachers, and missing self confidence. All of these problems face a great percentage of students in Egypt, and they increased after COVID-19 pandemic.

In GMind, we provide 3D educational games for the curriculum in EGYPT [ in Arabic and English, national and international ]. Also, we provide augmented reality (AR) samples for each subject, and it is a useful way to explain lessons and get to know the real shape of everything. 

  • VR models, so you can visit historical sites virtually. Also, we developed a science lab and you can do experiments by yourself. 
  • 3D games which any student can  go through and get knowledge while passing in it. So, he/she can entertain and finish their lessons.
  • 3D animations of the lessons, not only ordinary explanations.
  • Content gamification which we launch on our social media platforms. 

Our target to create a community believes in gamification as an effective method in education, so we made it on our social media and soon in our application.  

That’s not our destination. We still have more to do and we aim to reach more students and let them enjoy the learning process and develop their skills.

All of this with… GMind.

In cooperation with Cardoo, They will provide our customers with VR headsets as it’s suitable for our apps.Also, They create other products e.g. INote which could be useful for our customers.

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